Richard's extensive experience in branding began at Gravit-e (K3), where he collaborated with renowned brands such as Sports Direct, M&S, Next, Ruby, and Neal's Yard Remedies. His notable achievements include spearheading successful rebranding initiatives for various sports entities, including Badminton Ireland, Squash Australia, and Artistic Swimming Australia. 

Possessing unmatched expertise in branding, Richard holds a Master of Business Administration degree with a specialisation in brand equity within International Sports Federations. Brand equity, defined as the value a brand adds to a product or service, goes beyond a mere logo. It encapsulates the positive perceptions and emotional connections consumers forge with a brand, influencing their loyalty. A brand is a promise—a set of expectations and a value proposition that an NSO offers to its audience. 

Stakeholders play a pivotal role in co-creating a brand, impacting its current and future financial success. This dynamic interaction poses governance challenges for NSOs, necessitating a commitment to their vision, mission, and values. Long-term policies, anchored in principles like integrity and transparency, guide strategic brand management, fostering internal capabilities for building, managing, and evaluating brand equity. 

Many NSOs lack a comprehensive brand strategy, often limiting their understanding of branding to the creation of a logo. In smaller NSOs, brand governance is non-existent, while larger ones are just starting to embrace it. Often, NSOs manage their brand internally, overlooking opportunities for knowledge sharing and co-creation with stakeholders. 

Recognising the cost-effectiveness of social media in branding, its uncontrolled and inconsistent use underscores the need for brand governance. As sports strive for professionalization and commercialisation, brand development and governance become pivotal. In today's landscape, NSOs must diversify income sources beyond government funding. A robust brand enhances NSOs' reputation, attracts participants and spectators, engages corporate partners, and facilitates overall expansion. 

I firmly believe that brand governance is imperative for ensuring the long-term viability of NSOs in a rapidly changing and interconnected world